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thumb_20180626_112555_1024 Heart cremation sculpture by original design by Noel Brennan handcast using Cornish granite and white cement.
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Casting ashes into sculpture is a beautiful way of honouring someone's essence and celebrating their enduraning presence in our lives.  At Casting Ashes® we use our own designs and original moulds,  adding a small amount of cremation ash to the mould as the piece is being cast so the ashes are incorporated fully in  the sculpture. This differs to the conventional urn design which has a hollow cavity to contain ashes.  We are a  husband and wife team who embarked on this joint venture in 2017 combining our passions for sculpture and bereavement care.  At the point of start up we are the first and only people casting cremation ash into concrete and we feel very humbled to be doing something so special.  Providing a unique product and service is important to us and every stage of the process is done by ourselves.  The fact that we do not contract out to other makers enables us to keep our prices reasonable.  Each piece is limited edition, and bears our trademark of authenticity on the base.

angel wing sculpture and candlestick by Casting Ashes cremation sculpture Noel Brennan of adding cremation ashes to the mould when making a cremation sculpture. Noel Brennan at sculpting in clay of heart design for the Casting Ashes cremation sculpture portfolio of designs. Noel Brennan at creating a siicone mould of clay model for angel wing cremation sculpure. 'Spirited' cremation sculpture by limited edition handcast using Cornish granite.

"The sculpture that Noel created is perfect..."

"They were both very kind,

this meant a lot to me."

"I left some words and pictures of my Mum and was excited to see what Noel would do with them."

"When I returned to see the sculpture I couldn't have been happier."

"It really is beautiful."



"I sat with Jill and Noel and

chatted about my Mum."

"Thank you so much"


"Depending how I look at it I can see a

flame or a shell or a flower bud opening"


Because we want to be sustainable in our process we use Cornish granite dust sourced from a quarry just a few miles from our workshop in North Cornwall. We like to think this use of a natural element signifies our elemental connection to the earth.  It also provides a durable medium so that your sculpture will indeed be a lasting tribute to your loved one - something you can cherish for years to come and take with you if you move house.  We only cast a small amount of ashes so you can still choose to bury or scatter the remainder should you wish to do so.

We want to  develop our portfolio of designs in response to customer's requirements.  If there is something in particular you would like that you do not see in our gallery, please talk to us about it.  We enjoy the evolving creative process of working this way and welcome your input.


We also accept commissions for bespoke sculpture and stained glass.


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"A perfect way to keep my Mum's ashes"


the Touchstone collection

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All our designs can be ordered without ashes if you have no ashes to send

but would still like a remembrance sculpture for your home or garden.

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