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Animal Designs

Symbol of higher wisdom, intuitive knowledge and protection, this rustic barn owl will watch over you with his gentle eye.   Made from durable cement he can be placed inside your home or in the garden where he will weather with exposure to the elements.  Approx dimensions 30 x 26 x 14cm

Barn Owl


Barn Owl Sculpture



This crouching hare is full of charm and character.  He makes a comforting companion with his smooth curved back which is incredibly tactile - on impulse you just have to stroke it. Original design by Noel Brennan limited edition cast.  Dimensions approximately 42 x 22 x 18 cm

Crouching Hare Sculpture


Lion's Head

Inspired by Aslan, the guardian of Narnia, this lion's head will stand sentinel at your gatepost, grace a wall of your garden, or may even be adapted as a water feature.  White cement and granite dust achieves the lighter finish, whereas ciment fondu gives the darker,  rustic and ancient look.

Lion's head sculpture


Pair of lion heads


fullsizeoutput_bfc IMG_1467 IMG_4267

Sitting Cat

WIth ears alert and eyes focused this textured cat sculpture has an innocent charm and pathos.  

At 20cm in height it will sit on a tabletop, mantlepiece, desk or beside cabinet.  In Egyptian mythology cats are linked to justice, fertility and power.  Also the protective function of cats is indicated in the Book of the Dead, where a cat represents Ra and the benefits of the sun for life on Earth.

Sitting Cat Sculpture