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Care of Ashes

As the cement mix is poured ashes are added at intervals. between layers of cement. This is repeated until all the ashes have been used up.  In this way the ashes are incorporated fully into the cast.  We do not add ashes as the cement is being mixed since we do not want to leave any trace behind in the mixing container.  You can be assured that all the ashes are added directly to the mould and will become part of your remembrance sculpture.

We feel very honoured that you entrust us with something so precious as your loved one's ashes and can assure you we will look after them and handle them respectfully.  They stored in a dedicated secure cabinet and will not leave the Casting Ashes workshop.  They are kept in a sealed bag marked clearly by name and postcode of the person who placed the order.  Each sculpture is mixed and cast individually and separate from other orders.  Upon receipt of the ashes we will schedule an appointment for their casting.  It's a special moment, not  just another activity in the workshop.  We light a candle and think about the person (or animal) and their family.  We are very conscious of how much it means to them to have something tangible by wihich to commemorate their loved one.  We do the entire process of casting mindfully and lovingly.



Casting the Ashes Yourself

If you live close enough, or want to make the journey especially, you can bring the ashes along with you if you want to be present for the casting.   This means you will be able to add the ashes yourself if you wish to do so, as shown here.  


In preparation the ashes are placed into a small dish.  By tapping the sides of the dish  they can be carefully added into the mould without the need to handle them.  We usually light candles out of repect and to acknowledge the fact that we are doing something special.




"It was such a precious moment for us all, but particularly for the boys.


Today gave us the opportunity to do something as a family, to remember grandad and to create a lasting memory of him.  


A gift so precious we will never forget "