Adding Ashes

Care of Ashes


During the process of making a  remembrance sculpture a stand alone table is prepared and covered with clean paper.   Ashes are removed from packaging and placed into a clean shallow cup reading for pouring.   The mould is chosen and the cement mix for the finish of your choice is prepared.  As this mix is poured into the mould,  at intervals the  ashes are gently sprinkled directly into the cast before more cement is added.  This is repeated until all the ashes have been used up.   This way the ashes are distributed fairly evenly throughout the cast.  We do not add ashes into the cement as it is being mixed because we do not want to leave any trace behind in the mixing container.  You can be assured that all the ashes you send are added directly to the mould and will become part of your unique piece.



When you send your loved one's ashes to us you are trusting us to look after them and we take this responsibility seriously.    We can assure you of the following :-


-  The ashes will be stored in our locked premises and will not leave the Casting Ashes workshop.

-  They are kept in a sealed bag within a container, and marked clearly with the name of the deceased, the order date and number and customer name.

-  Each sculpture is mixed and cast individually and separate from other orders.  

Casting of ashes



Finally the trademark plug is added.  The two dots at either side of the CA indicate that this sculpture contains cremation ashes and is a quality artisan authentic Casting Ashes® Remembrance Sculpture.

The mark of authenticity

All our designs can be ordered without ashes if you have no ashes to send but would

still like to order a remembrance sculpture for your home or garden.