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Touchstones are the perfect way to keep loved ones close.  Each pebble has both a smooth and textured surface.  As you turn them in your hand you can feel the contrast between the rough and smooth as you run your fingers and thumbs over the surface.  This can aid the mindful practise of being in the now and can be a source of comfort during the grieving process.  A graceful piece of minimalist  home decor, touchstones will not look out of place in your home and are more discreet than a conventional urn - noone need know the touchstones contain ashes unless you choose to tell them.   Ashes will be distributed between the three pebbles during casting.  dimemsions of plate: 37 x 15 x 1.5 cm

Moveable sculpture in natural tones of white, brown and grey.




Memories of woodland walks and the fresh smell of spruce and pine will be evoked by this life-size pine cone.  With its textured grooves it sits snugly in the hand and makes an attractive decorate piece for a shelf, table or desktop.  Perfect for nature lovers.

Concrete pine cone cremation sculpture


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Companion Pebbles

Smaller than the Touchstones, these companion pebbles are designed to accompany you throughout the day.  The pocket pebble can be tucked away in your pocket and held while you are out and about, walking the dog, waiting in a queue - a reminder of the constant presence of your loved one who goes everywhere with you.  The desk pebble, while slightly larger, can still fit snugly into your hand.  Place it beside your laptop and reach out for it in those moments of the day when you need a little inspiration or a sense of reconnection.  The companion pebbles come with pieces of cornish slate and sit in a smooth mother bowl, keeping them in a safe place when not in use, and making a beautiful ornament when teamed with a tea light.

Pocket pebble and desk pebble in smooth concrete bowl



Earth Tile


Flat wall-mounted tile with a symbolic design. The circles indicate  the shape of the planet and the path of orbit.  The textural detail is similar to the deep grooves of cracked earth to be found in when the muddy ground begin to dry out with the heat of the sun.  


Concrete wall Hanging Earth Tile


Heart Pebble


This small and lightweight heart pebble is the perfect keepsake companion.  Take it with you on your travels and keep it close on your person as a constant reminder of the enduring quality of love, and the continued presence of your loved one.  It can be ordered in a light or dark tone as shown, either by itself, or with concrete bowl as a holding station.

Heart Pebble

Single Heart Pebble with Concrete Bowl



For a bespoke mould with an engraved initial add a £50 surcharge.  

Individual Companion Pebbles can be ordered @ £30 each including velvet pouch.

For making a bespoke mould with an engraved initial add a £50 surcharge.




Two Heart Pebbles with Concrete Bowl


Single Touchstone