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The soft gentle curves of this exquisitely crafted heart bring a touch of tenderness and beauty into your living space making it an iconic piece of remembrance sculpture.  Its modest size makes it the perfect companion for a pillar candle or vase of flowers.  Can be ordered with a base plate as shown here or with a complementary tealight holder.


Angel Wing

Bring a touch of grace into your home or garden with this classical angel wing.   Angels are messengers of Love and in sacred texts they often begin their message with the words 'do not be afraid'.  What a fitting symbol of reassurance and comfort to bring light, hope and faith to your sorrow.

Angel wing in white cement



The modesty of a seashell, the smoothness of a tulip bud, the energy of a dancing flame - Spirited

is the ideal remembrance sculpture for those who knew how to enjoy life, live life to the full with both sensitivity and zest, and who continue to inspire others to do the same.


sculpture with plate or complementary tealight holder

Star Camdle Plates

'Every time I see a star I think of you.'  This memento mori set of three stars has a whimsical charm and is a perfect reminder of the infinite nature of love.   The set is designed for use as an ornamental table top arrangement to add a touch of twinkle as candle plates.  When not being used they look attractive as an ornamental piece when stacked as shown here.   Fragrments of mirror glass can be added for a decorative effect to catch the light.

set of three candle stars




prices include free ashes collection kit and all shipping costs

The shipping charge is £3.99 for all items.


Heart with base plate or tealight holder

IMG_3767 IMG_2124

Hanging Stars

Set of three concrete hanging stars.  A little bundle of precious memories.  Can be ordered in plain concrete for a natural minimalist style or with mirror glass detail to catch the sunlight.  

set of three candle stars


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A `Handful of Heaven

`Not one, not two but twelve archangels keeping watch over you and bringing a touch of grace into your home.  These twelve little runes are inscribed with sigils created using the Hebrew names of the archangels.  Each will contain a small amount of your loved one's ashes.  Assembled on a rectangular plate they can be re-arranged according to your preference. ; Allow yourself to be inspired by the angels as you creatively play with this meditative moveable sculpture.

Set of twelve angel runes and rectangular plate


Concrete Sphere


Is it a globe... is it an orb... or is it just a lovely piece for itself alone.  You decide.  There's something very satisfying about the simple aesthetic of this primary geometric shape.  Not only is it pleasing on the eye, it's also very tactile.  Instinctively you want to reach out and stroke it.  It's cool smoothness is most soothing to the touch.  The perfect desktop companion for keeping love close.


concrete sphere