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Casting Ashes Angel Wing Candle

crafted in concrete

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Adding cremation ash to sculpture is a beautiful way to honour someone's essence and celebrate their enduring presence in our lives.  It is the perfect choice for those who want something  tangible to keep at home but don't want an obvious urn.  At Casting Ashes® we add a small amount of ashes as the cast is being poured so they become fully incorporated into the solid piece.   This differs from a conventional hollow urn designed to store the entire volume of ashes.  It means you can make other choices alongside to bury or scatter your loved one's ashes, but retain a small amount for a keepsake.  


Placed indoors or outdoors your Casting Ashes® sculpture will be something you can cherish for years to come and take with you if you move house.   Since we can add cremation ash to anything we craft in concrete you are not confined to an ornamental piece.  Homeware items  such as tea light holders, candlesticks and even a table lamp can be something stylish that you would choose for your home but with a special significance that only you need know.


In our cement mix we use Cornish granite dust mined from a local quarry so you will literally be getting a little piece of Cornwall!    We like to think this signifies our elemental connection to the earth.  It also provides a durable medium so that your sculpture will indeed be a lasting tribute to your loved one.


Noel Brennan at sculpting in clay of heart design for the Casting Ashes cremation sculpture portfolio of designs.

"The sculpture Noel created is perfect..."

"They were both very kind,

this meant a lot to me."

"I left some words and pictures of my Mum and was excited to see what Noel would do with them."

"When I returned to see the sculpture I couldn't have been happier."

"It really is beautiful."



"I sat with Jill and Noel and

chatted about my Mum."

"Thank you so much"


"Depending how I look at it I can see a

flame or a shell or a flower bud opening"


A husband and wife team, we trademarked our business and began casting ashes in 2017 combining our interests in sculpture and spirituality.


If there is something in particular you would like that you do not see in our gallery, please talk to us about it.  We enjoy the creative process of working this way to build our portfolio and welcome your input.


We also accept commissions for bespoke sculpture and stained glass.  Find out more.


We want to hear from you


"A perfect way to keep my Mum's ashes"


A little piece of Cornwall...

All our designs can be ordered without ashes

the discreet


to an urn

handcrafted in Cornwall



Bringing you a unique product and personal service is important to us and every stage of the process is done by ourselves with no contracting out to third parties.   You can be certain your sculpture is carefully handcrafted, limited edition, and made respectfully with love.  We always make appointments for castings, and warmly invite you to come along and be part of it.  This way you can listerally cast the ashes yourself.

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Meet Noel and Jill

How it works...

Browse through our designs which have been grouped into various sculpture and home decor categories.for ease of reference.  When you see something you like please make note of the item name and mention this when you contact us.


We will email you an invoice complete, but we ask for a deposit of £5 at the time you place your order.  


Upon receipt of your deposit we will send you an ashes collection kit including return postage so you can send some ashes to us.  Full instructions are included in the pack.

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As a small business we rely on organic reach via social media and word of mouth.  Please help us spread the word about what we are doing and can offer to people by following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  Your likes, comments and shares really do help.


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