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We like to document our process on social media so that other people get to know about our service, and we are able to be transparent in our practise.  Social media is important to us in that it provides an opportnnity for people to get to know us and this helps to build trust.


We will respect your privacy and not mention your name,  unless you indicate that you would like us to.


Please let us know if you DO NOT want us to publish media (photos or videos) during the making of your order.




Please send us your address by email so we can send  you an ASHES COLLECTION KIT upon receipt of your £5 deposit.


This deposit is non-refundable.

You will receive an invoice by email once your order is ready to ship.  




We are largely paper-less and all our banking is digital, therefore we are unable to accept postal cheques.


If you are unable to send payment this way please speak to us about it and we will try to find a solution.

Thank you

For direct bank transfer:

Sort Code:   23-69-72

Account No: 02487647