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As an archetype the bowl is a symbol of the Great Mother and in dream analysis it can represent an ability to see the bigger picture.  An original design by Noel Brennan initially turned in wood from which a silicone mould was made.  Using white cement achieves this beautiful simple bowl with smooth curves the light just bounces off.  Can be used as a container for a plant or candle.
Mother bowl
Simple candle plate in concrete to accommodate up to four pillar candles.  A perfect discreet and functional piece of homeware with a special significance as a 'holder of light'.  The plate can be ordered with amber glass detail as shown here, silver mirror fragments or plain concrete.
Candle Plate
Lighting a candle brings a warm, comforting glow and has long been associated with remembrance.  These period style candlesticks in white cement bring a touch of elegance into your home and can help create a sense of sacred space.  The incorporation of exposed reinforcement bar on the two taller versions adds a modern industrial twist.  Can be ordered as a single item, as a pair, or set of three.
Ecclesial Candlesticks
The gentle soft curves of this crafted heart brings a touch of tenderness and exquisite beauty into your living space, making it a popular choice as a piece of remembrance sculpture.  It's modest size makes it a perfect accessory to a candle or vase of flowers, or just as a stand-alone piece on a mantlepiece, shelf, bedside cabinet or chest of drawers.
Angels have long been associated with protection.  They are also messengers, and in the Christmas story Gabriel's signature was his opening words of comfort and reassurance - 'Do not be afraid'.   Hand-crafted artisan angel wing in white cement.  Makes a stunning statement piece for the home or garden, either as a single item, or paired to make a symmetrical sculpture.  j
Angel Wing 'Gabriel'
The modesty of a conche seashell, the smoothness of a tulip bud, the mischief of a dancing flame - 'Spirited' is the ideal remembrance sculpture for those who knew how to enjoy life and who continue to inspire others to do the same.
'Earth' tile crafted concrete using Cornish granite dust.  Can be hung indoors interior art or mounted on a wall outdoors as an aesthetic feature.   A small amount of cremation ash can be added to the mould to create a unique remembrance piece.
Earth Tile
Small rounded planter with textured crater effect containing succulent plant.  An ideal discrete tabletop remembrance accessory for the home or workspace.
Succulent planter 'Moonfruit'
For the ancient Egptians pyramids indicated the afterlife journey from earth towards the light of the sun.  They continue to be popular as a powerful symbol of ascension, healing and meditation.  The set of three varies in gradient from light, medium to dark in tone and represents life as being a stream of continuous transition rather than having a beginning and an end.  We have two sizes of cast (small 12cm base and large 20cm base).  The large version may be more suitable for outdoor placements, whereas the small pyramids can be placed on a shelf, worktop or desktop in either a group or linear arrangement.
Pyramid trio 'Ascension'
Beautiful simplicity - understated tealight holders with a smooth finish is perfect for a minimalist feel.
Nordic style tealight trio
Candle cube with amber glass detail on upper face.  Concave cavity will accomodate small and large tea-lights and pillar candles. Accompanying candle plate also with amber glass detail can be used as a stand for up to three pillar candles.
Candle cube & plate set 'Kashka'
Pure and simple for a minimalist style with a concealed star inset design.  Set of three tealight holders in white concrete.   Can accommodate small and large (5.5cm) tealights.
Star Child tealight trio

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