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Initially Noel will draw a sketch of his design idea, and from this create a three dimensional model by sculpting clay,

using tools to create fine detail.


Making the mould

A two-part rubber silicone mix is prepared and poured onto the clay model.  This forms a skin that is then built up in layers until it is a thick rubber mould is formed.


The Casting

Cement mixture is added to the mould gradually between the scattering of ashes.   The mould sits inside a plaster jacket for support.  This is then shaken manually with frequent tapping, to try to release air bubbles from the cement.


Mark of authenticity

As the cement is beginning to set, a plug is added to the base so each sculpture bears our mark of authenticity.  When you see this mark you can be certain that your sculpture is a genuine Casting Ashes® artisan piece.

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Adding cremation ashes

The Casting Ashes®


Our trading name 'Casting Ashes' was trademarked n 2015 a couple of years before

we were in a position to begin offering this service.  We knew that the name perfectly describes our business and the service we offer with its double meaning of the word 'casting'.

IMG_2025 IMG_2458

Our Process

Sculpting the clay

All our sculpture is designed and created by Noel Brennan at our workshop in North Cornwall.  

He is hands on at every stage of the process from the initial concept, to shaping the clay,

forming a mould and finally pouring the cast.  


IMG_1910 Silicone Pouring AddingAshes

For Remembrance Sculpture we use the plug with the two dots at either side of the CA motif to indicate that the piece contains cremation ashes and is a genuine Casting Ashes® Remembrance Sculpture.