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In an attempt to be more sustainable and move with the times we have gone paperless and use digital banking via an innovative business banking platform for small businesses.


We use Tide Banking which gives us lower overheads than using a high street bank.


In turn this helps us continue to offer a good service to the customer such as free shipping.



Online Banking


Tide has no physical bank that we can visit to pay money in.  

Being paperless means we are unable to accept payment by cheque.



When your order is ready to be sent out, we will write to let you know.  We will also thank you once

again for your order and add any personal comments here.  You will then receive an

invoice that has been generated by our banking app which is a standard, generic formal letter

giving our bank details so you can pay easily online.  If you do not use online banking please let

us know and we will try to sort something out