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Pots and Planters

The pilgrim planter is a traditional plant pot style hand cast using white cement to achieve a clean and simple style. Variations on this theme using different pigment for a marbled and fractured effect can be achieved.  (Please see our Instagram page for examples of this.)  Each pot has its unique character and markings and may differ slightly from the images shown.   The Pilgrim Planter measures approx:  Outer diameter 11 cm Inner diameter 8cm, height 9cm.

Pilgrim Planter

Concrete Pilgrim Planter



Love Pots


Keep love close with a love pot, a concrete planter with a small amount of ashes added into the cast.  This can be plan and simple, or with a two tone design whereby the ash is mixed into the darker tone.  The casting processess is done over a few days and is always an unexpected delight.  It's a random process and we never know exactly how the finished effect will look.  Sometimes images can be seen  in the pattern.  Choose between the following tones:  white, grey/black, terracotta/pink,  ochre/brown.  Planter measures approx:  Outer diameter 13 cm Inner diameter 10cm and height 12cm.



Sleepy Head Planter

This novelty face planter will help keep you mindful and in the moment.  An ideal container for a succulent or cacti as shown here.  Approx dimensions: inner diameter 10cm height 10cm

Concrete Love Pot

Concrete Sleepy Head Planter


Triple Planter Boat


Earth to earth and the perennial ongoing cycle.of life is symbolically represented in this sylish planter boat which can be filled with cacti or small succulents as shown here.  The use of white cement gives a modern minimalist feel  of  scandinavian inspired interior design.   Plants not included.  

Concrete Triple PLanter Boat