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We create affordable unique sculpture.  Our customised service means you can have a handmade artisan piece for your home or garden that is unlike any other.  

We also cast cremation ashes to produce personalised Remembrance Sculpture.




Our Terms & Conditions refer to the following products:

Casting Ashes® Sculpture

Casting Ashes® Remembrance Sculpture

Bespoke Commission


A Casting Ashes® Sculpture is created by pouring a cement mixture into a mould.  Different pigments, polymers and aggregates can be added to create variations fo effect with regard to colour, pattern and texture.  A Casting Ashes® sculpture can be bought as seen online through our website or from our shop in St Columb Major, Cornwall.


A Casting Ashes® Remembrance Sculpture is produced in the same way as a Casting Ashes® sculpture with the exception that a small amount of cremation ashes (human or animal) are added to the misture as it is being cast.


Bespoke Commissions apply only to Casting Ashes® Remembrance Sculpture.  An original design can be created upon a discussed concept or photograph provided. Once specifications have been agreed usual terms and conditions apply.  The client reserves the right of exclusivity.  The bespoke cast will be retained by Casting Ashes® for future reference only.  It will not be re-used by the sculptor except by instruction of the client.  For bespoke commissions please read our Cancellation Policy and Termination of Agreements Policy carefully.




Noel Brennan is the founder of Casting Ashes®, the creative director and sculptor.  He is hands on at each stage of the process from initial design concept, shaping of the clay model, creating a silicone cast and pouring the mould.  Casting Ashes® is a registered trade mark, and the logo set into the base of each mould is our mark of authenticity.  This is how you can tell if you have a unique Casting Ashes® sculpture.   The raised dots at either side of the authenticity mark indicate the sculpture is a Memory Stone containing ashes.




At Casting Ashes® we aim to be sustainable in our methods and process.  For this reason we use recycled substitutes such as PFA and GBBS in our standard cement base.  A vibrating table is used to eliminate air bubbles and achieve an element of consistancy.  However because each piece of sculpture is handmade it will emerge from the mould with its unique markings. This is part of the artisan process and gives it distinctive character.




Each Casting Ashes® sculpture is limited to a run of fifty, after which the design is discontinued and he mould archived.  This is what sets a Casting Ashes® sculpture apart from its factory counterpart.  Every sculpture is lovingly handmade by sculptor himself, and for the reasons described above and by virtue of the customised options available is a unique artisan piece.  Despite this, we aim to keep the retail price affordable




Upon payment and receipt of your order we will send you confirmation by email, detailing the design and custom specifications of your order.   If you have ordered a Remembrance Sculpture we will also send you a package whereby you can send a small amount of ashes for us to use.  Once we receive the ashes we will contact you to let you know they have arrived safely, and to give you some indication of the timeframe of your order will be ready.  




We hope that you will fall in love with your Casting Ashes® sculpture once you receive it.   If for any reason you don't and wish to return it you may do so and receive a full refund if you contact us within 14 days of delivery.  We do however ask that you help us by covering the return shipping cost.  A Casting Ashes® Remembrance Sculpture containing human or animal ashes is non-returnable and non-refundable (pleaes see cancellation policy below).  A Casting Ashes® Remembrance Scuplture can be identified by the authenticity mark on the base which will have two dots at either side of the CA, (as distinct from a sculpture that doesn't contain ashes and bears the CA mark alone).  




A Casting Ashes® Remembrance Sculpture containing cremation ashes is classified as 'bespoke' under the Government's guidelines as it is considered 'so specific to a consumer's needs that there is no other market for it once the consumer has cancelled the contract'.  As such a Casting Ashes® Remembrance Sculpture is exempt from consumer right to cancel under current legislation.  




With regard to bespoke commissions, both Casting Ashes® and the client have the right to terminate any Services Agreement for any reason, up to the point before cremation ashes have been cast,  including the ending of services that are already underway.  No refunds shall be offered, where a Service is deemed to have begun and is, for all intents and purposes underway.  Any monies that have been paid to us which constitute payment in respect of the provision of unused services shall be refunded.













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