Cremation Sculpture

handcrafted in Cornwall

Earth to earth...

ashes to ashes...

d u s t   t o   d u s t . . .

This is essentially what we do here at Casting Ashes®. 

As an act of love and service,  on your behalf we cast ashes.

Adding cremation ash to sculpture is a beautiful way to honour someone's essence and celebrate their enduring presence in our lives.   The small sample of cremation ashes you send to us we combine with dust from the earth - literally granite dust mined from the ground just a few miles from our workshop here in Cornwall UK. 

Our aim is to create for you something personal and meaningful - a tangible object to keep close by when you lose someone you love.  Something to have and hold that symbolises our enduring elemental connection to the earth and to one another.  

Inspired by the coastal landscape, our designs bring neutral tones and natural elements into your living space in such a way as to bring a sense of calm to heart and mind and to blend unobtrusively with your home decor. 

Our Collections


You're never alone with a Companion Pebble. Elemental minerals and nature’s palette are blended to bring you beautiful pebbles small enough to journey with you wherever you go.

Holding Stones

Perfectly sized for your hand -  to have and to hold.  Elemental minerals and nature’s palette are blended to bring you beautiful stones that hold space for your loved one.

Candlesticks & Tealight Holders

Enjoy the comforting glow of candlelight.  Choose from a range of designs, from chic minimalism, whimsical fairytale to modern rustic. 

Angels & Orbs

Bringing a touch of grace into your home or garden. Browse our collection of of all things angelic.

Creatures & Planters

Figurative animal designs, earthy aesthetics and  a range of planters to nurture new growth. 

One-off Pieces by sculptor Noel Brennan

Cremation ash is mixed into a paste with the cement and applied in layers to a wire frame to achieve striking figurative sculpture. 

NB:  Due to international customs restrictions on the shipment of ashes we are only able to offer our casting ashes service within the UK.




Helping you keep loved ones close.

"I really want you to both know what a fabulous job you have done. 
From start to finish you have treated us with kindness and an understanding you don’t often see these days. 
I can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond for us.  I will be sitting in front of the tv tonight holding my husbands hand and heart and I have you to thank for that."

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