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At Casting Ashes we create beautiful keepsake products blending elemental minerals with calming neutral tones to reflect the natural landscape.


Shortly after making your order you will receive an ashes collection kit containing instructions and  everything you need to return some ashes to us.

Since we only require a small amount you are also able to make other choices such as to scatter or bury ashes in a way that is meaningful to you.


The ashes you send us are cast - literally sprinkled - into the mould as the cement is being poured so that they become fully incorporated into the solid piece.  


d u s t   t o   d u s t . . .

In this returning to earth they are reformed into something new … something tangible to hold space for the essence of the one you love.



The ashes collection kit will include instructions customised to your order so you only send us the amount of ashes we can use.  The ashes will be double-bagged inside sealed plastic pouches, then folded and sealed with a sticker so as to avoid any leakage during transit.   The attached name label should include the name and postcode of the person making the order.  

Although we will have a record of your order through our online shop transaction, you will be able to write further instructions, to clarify colour choice for example, on the enclosed order form.

Upon receipt of the ashes we will send you an email to let you know they have arrived safely and to tell you when we plan to do the casting. 

Care of ashes

We feel very honoured that you entrust us with something so precious as your loved one's ashes,  and can assure you that we take good care of them and always handle them with respect.

They are stored in a dedicated secure cabinet and never leave our workshop.  Before we start a casting we always light a candle in honour of the person who has died and in acknowledgement of absent friends and family.    We are conscious of how much this means to you and want to give you the opportunity to personalise the occasion.  For example you could choose a piece of music you wanted us to play or even join us via a livestream link if you want to feel more involved.   

Our Process

Each of our designs is sculpted initially in clay, then a mould is made using a few layers of silicone.  After this a plaster jacket is created which will hold the mould in place during the casting process.  The sand we use is mined at a local quarry, meaning that when you commission a sculpture from us not only will you get something unique and lovingly made,  but also a little piece of Cornwall.  

The sculptures that are listed in our product collections can be ordered directly through our online shop.  Since the beginning it has often been your ideas and requests have shaped how our portfolio has evolved, and we continue to enjoy the creative process of working with you in this way.

If there is something in particular you have in mind please speak to us about it.  It may be something we can add to our portfolio of designs.  

If your request is personalised however it will require the making of a new mould which will incur a custom charge making the overall price higher price than our collection items. This is because of the time involved in the multi-staged process of creating a mould from scratch.  With a bespoke item we are unable to spread the production cost as the mould can only be used for one customer.    Prices ange depending on the size of the item.  


Bespoke Commissions

Placed indoors or outdoors your Casting Ashes® sculpture will be something you can cherish for years to come and take with you if you move house.


Our sculpture reflects the shapes, tones and textures of the natural landscape.  Each piece is a one-off, with its own distinctive markings, flaws , character and unique charm.. 

just like us


Our Team

Jill Brennan

Jill is a teacher with a background in social work and Christian ministry.

We are Noel & Jill, a married partnership who moved to Cornwall in 2015 for a lifestyle change & to work creatively together. Casting Ashes was trademarked in 2017 and combines our interests in sculpture, spirituality and pastoral care. 


We are dedicated to helping you manage loss and grief by connected through sculpture.  We hope  our products bring you a sense of comfort, reassurance, peace and enduring presence.

We live in a little cottage close to our workshop with our son, daughter and Roy the miniature poodle.  We feel so lucky to live here and when we are not working we enjoy exploring the gorgeous Cornish countryside, woodlands and coastal areas.

Noel Brennan

Noel is the designer and sculptor with a commercial background is in film, media and special effects. 

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