"I know by experience that the poets are right... love is eternal."


In those time-out moments,  when you settle down for the evening, or during your morning coffee break,   reach for the heartstone and feel instantly grounded and reconnected.


The heart as a universal symbol is a reminder of the transcendent and eternal nature of love.  This heart-shaped pebble in white cement is designed to fill your hand completely, bringing a tangible sense of closeness, comfort and connection to your loved one.






  • A small amount of ashes is added to the mould as the cement is being poured so that they become fully incorporated into the solid piece. 

    With the addition of cremation ashes the cement aggregate becomes a unique composition - making each piece is a new creation with its own character and charm. This includes surface markings such as granular patterns and air bubbles that naturally occur in the artisan process. Therefore please bear in mind that photos shown are for display only. Direct replication is impossible, so with a tonal choice for example colour match may not be exact as the pigment to cement ratio may differ slightly.


    Size of Heartstone:  8 x 8 x 4 cm

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